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Critics calling out a lack of inclusivity in Monday's nomination Jennifer Lopez considered by many issue in for non for best supporting actress for her performance in hustlers shot out despite booming box office success so right that was just you know those kind of were and then he is the one that hasn't been nominated all the way along was Todd Phillips for the joker should he be in our directory is a gazillion dollars to make that movie you know I mean he did have a lot of money in it the movie isn't that great the great thing was Joaquin yes and the great thing like people five about like the little women you know that Redeker wig takes this story keeps it in the time period yeah it modernizes at yes yeah and she did that yeah that was her vision and so like what I don't know I mean like we heard from Florence few the girl who said you know we're incredibly upset that British girl yeah that's he me yeah Florence fuse Amy in in little women and she's a very time you say that to me I think all good yeah there's a name me because I can't remember who's who in that story all ABC is in other areas I've never read the book either just okay guys I don't even know we not seeing the movie she's like the bratty middle pretty sister who's always been kind of vapid okay she you get to you see why in in a way with this thing where because it it with credit Kerr were described I mean she does point out to her sister Joe who wants to be a writer and a half but I forget who it is but didn't this is the all she can do to make a good life for herself is to marry well well that is what aunt Marge's told her if you're yeah remember the time that's how you get the chance you have there's no birth control their land as a woman your like if you don't find a man by the time is right twenty right here we're going to school so I anyway Amy she makes Amy is I've rethought what I think about that movie because you didn't you thought I was trying well I said it was wrong but I let my bladder now that I'm sorry Mike platter deeply hidden is one of those you said it was over the holidays and it was one of those where the previews had commercials in the middle of I mean that's exhausting to sift through what I'm not going to say that I mean the sooner than anything the latter because I review because I can't believe you just don't get up and go to the bathroom but that was really dumb of me but anyway Florence I love Bessie me answer Sharon is just just you know Matt she's always joking do you know the server for examination I told in the two yeah it does installment is the first time we saw her she was like we she Keira Knightley's little sister I know and I think she was remember that was on that one all in the told me was a library see apps in the green dress I feel like there is some kind of sixth something happening in the bookshelves in egg outline a list this somewhere in there she was thirteen when she was nominated and then she was nominated for service plan and then so delicious yeah that was such as she really is a great actress Brooklyn is a great movie she I could see her like becoming like a Meryl she totally is like a Meryl Streep because babies she can she's a chameleon she you are you right into must be something about that fair sink is Kate Kate Blanchett is kind of like that as well where they can turn coloring different but yeah anyway so that she's the youngest and then pour Vanity Fair the did their annual Hollywood issue which is always comes out before the Oscars but it's always pretty much it's like well let the fear is really tied in with the academy because the people were on the covers and on the big pull out which they might be like twenty people right like the cover folds out kind it's a rifle and we've seen like bagels parties of people once OPR didn't have knees or legs last year yeah it either looks like this it's super formal wear we're people just look amazingly hot in formal wear right or they look really bored and they're dressed in a boring manner or it's photoshopped gate yes this year's issue could be called the full not by Hollywood is because going on a motorcycle to know where is J. lo Eddie Murphy and Renee Zellweger perched on the back of Eddie Murphy who's got a quizzical one eyebrow up look in J. lo is looking like a hot biker Babe I have your dreams Eddie Murphy snubbed for dolomite is my name which is one of the best movies of the year you guys and shows that I'm run tomatoes it's like get ninety percent I you know I never really I never thought he was in contention for a Best Actor went to Netflix no I just kind of a Ross well yes I just didn't see it as an Oscar worthy role all I really do it was sold Eddie Murphy Lakers only five spot I'm just saying that it's a feel good movie it's a real life story it's the kind of movie that usually the academy anyway they must have felt pretty good when they picked up these people Renee the fair cover because it really is usually bring getting buzz for as long as as long at least as J. lo which Toronto festival there but with anyway yes yes I felt bad I I I I we don't like the editor of Vanity Fair heat Laurie what they've done to this magazine Lori Lori is better set ever since grade last I don't know why Mrs letters I miss is letter from the editor and I miss that I don't like the covers anymore it's like number there the brown on last year that we had the big hullabaloo over the brown one tear it's like the menu listing all magazine along with cursing killer on the cover I mean I don't think they're selling a lot of the newsstand copies I'm reading that article but that's fine but it is seen at the news stand the covers everything the covers everything is just one this is normally vanity fair's big guessing news stand cover so their cover pictures so imagine that was you and you were the one that picked those three to be on the cover that's the editor yeah the same one who is the operating good letters the same one that was on Good Morning America it's still a pretty road trip to Mars in inside they're all like on route sixty six but in were a place that looks like Mars because of red earth at lily rose Depp is looking like he I mean it's the weirdest collection we process yeah our other covers and it's a mass it's very very very bad I would be embarrassed all of the interviews that I would be embarrassed if I was if they picked me for that issue right before the Oscars and I didn't get a nomination yeah I know him barest here you go we're embarrassed back okay my top one of seven one everything place entertainment hi my talk fans.

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