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Obama Administration, Obama Obama, President Trump discussed on Garret Lewis


Once once like the kind we saw from the Obama administration during Ebola what go go go back to the go back to the maybe a fifteen yeah right and yet again just do you heard we said right dad I'm over the next few days in terms of the decisions that he might be making but his instinct in moments like this this technique is to look inward to protect Americans as opposed to reaching outward and having a more internationalist response his instincts it's like it's basing his eyes discussed it is instinct is to actually protect Americans instead of having more of an international response that's why they loved Obama Obama was president of the world in their mind and trump even the press coverage just any trouble at the reporter said you know president of the United States right like these other countries can make their own decisions show it's it's interesting they want trump to have a more international thing but when trump says to other countries you have to pay more for NATO right you have to pay more for NATO you jerk your making everyone mad and then when he actually does his job and looks out for Americans and not the rest the work zero leaders he's his his instead he's like to me instinct is awful because each try to protect Americans I'm watching this and Mike eight are you crazy this is nuts this is what you have they want him to be a globalist in that aspect I am presence been doing great I think everything he said was was spot on it will put a press convert he talked about how a guy started hugging him I would see this kind of wise or hugging me you look very well said you okay does not have the worst fever yes okay thank you took a step back I lost everything my hands my hair I I don't you gotta be smart got to be smart we have zero deaths thank goodness thank goodness from this coronavirus sixteen thousand from the flu you.

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Obama Administration, Obama Obama, President Trump discussed on Garret Lewis

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