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United states senate health through confirmation hearings and a majority of united states senators agree that he has the right man for the job now the issue was they need sixty votes but they couldn't ever get past fifty it was mostly in the forties republicans just wouldn't vote for the guy yet because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators john was unfairly denied the upper down vote that he deserves he deserves it chase herbs it as a result america's now gone more than six months without a permanent embassador to the united nations now keep in mind this is post iraq war i mean post iraq invasion so the iraq war is going on at this time so this is sort of context and justification the momentum he uses to ram this through during a recess suppose to importantly vacant any longer especially during a war and vital debate about u n reform so today i've used my constitutional authority to appoint john bolton to serve as america's ambassador to the united nations john bolton won't be an important member of my state department team led by condoleeza rice now unfortunately for old john there it only lasted one short year because after that the democrats came in and they sweep the senate and it was no way in hell they were ever going to approve john bolton so the recess appointment had to get replaced and so john bolton had one short year they're in the state department and in that short time he managed to get himself in quite a bit of controversy after that he left and he joined the think tank system for the right he really got involved deep in foreign policy which made him a perfect candidate to become a commentator on fox news so john bolton now for many years has been a commentator on fox news.

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United States, America, United Nations discussed on Unfilter

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