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Have you ever seen what we do in the shadows that now that would be so freaking funny anyways always. He's an Australian actor. I think he's also thor but he's like friends with like the five. The conchords dudes He plays Adolf Adolf Hitler. Wow so the back and forth between Joe Joe and this is imaginary friend. Adolf Hitler is so funny and and then Scarlett Johansson plays his mom so he is like full blown like hates Jews full blown Nazi how how and then don't ruin it. I know and then there's something that changes. I'm doing a very good job explaining it but let me just read. What the a young? Oh boy. In Hitler's army finds out. His mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Joe Joe Rabbit. I've never like that's it. That's all giving you so i. I laughed really really hard in the beginning. The movie like it is really really funny I cried so much at the end of it really i. I am much more marginal person than Sarah like. She didn't cry. I was balling cry. It is out the a best fucking movie I have seen in a very very long time. I'm serious brandy. It's almost like it's almost like a wes anderson film. You know it's got that feel to it like it's very stylized and very very funny but then it's got Hartman Joe Joe Rabbit searcy go watch the other one that I want to the Australian macro he senate anti directed it. Yeah and he wrote it. Wow the other one that I saw that was getting a lot of Golden Globes love which is fantastic fantastic. And I think we talked about it. Beforehand is parasite. Have you seen parasite I have it now. So it's a Korean film so if you don't like subtitles grow up. I gas but like I thought it was a horror film because it's called parasite it's so not that it's about this family who's just really really poor. Kind of trying to figure out a way to screw over rich people and it is so good uh-huh and funny and cringe worthy and well done and shot beautifully and crazy like that movie is so so good so even if you don't like freaking subtitles get into it. Oh do cast start the show. Oh Yeah we didn't. Wow It's been like twenty minutes better late than never they say. Go for buckle up your seat belts. Bros. is an Hos. You're listening to your favorite thing. podcast with amber handy relate. Yeah but at least we did the interest you did. Yeah and then the other one that I saw is going back to Sarah's running with Joaquin Phoenix on the red carpet I finally saw joker i. Oh my Gosh Gosh. I won't be meeting to watch it all weekend. And then no but I bought it on I tunes and it's just been sitting in my library because every time I I wanNA start it I feel like I'm just like this as much too tired where I might fall asleep and I don't WanNa be tired when I watch it. So it's in my queue. So Palms Give Walking Phoenix all the fucking awards. Just give him just get. There is no need for him to keep on going to awards shows. 'cause already got the award like he is so good in it today paired and it's like tough. You know like I was talking to Tanya Rad who I do all those pre shows within. She's like I don't WANNA watch it. I'm not going to watch. I don't believe in kind of the message she now and there's all these school shootings and all this stuff very dangerous time and I think it's like a bad movie. You know for that to that. I'm like I get where you're coming from but like just as someone who enjoys art you should watch it because what he fucking does he makes you root for him. Yeah and that's the genius of the whole thing and the other thing. Is this what I what I loved about. This origin story is. He is Batman before Batman when he is a vigilante. The only difference is he kills people and Batman doesn't but he takes the law into his own hands he he hurts bad people. There's not a huge difference and like all the twists and turns they throw into. This thing is beautiful like you. You're your mind's GONNA BE BLOWN COUNCIL I. I'm on washes tonight actually. Yeah there's not a huge difference. Between the joker and Batman I mean there is of course the twists and turns. Like I don't want to say to ruin it for you. It'll be like Oh that actually makes a lot of sent anyways to Freakin joker dude. I'm not great another day. Wells' MIAMI team I I but yesterday I was wearing my favorite white long sleeved crop top shirt and the only bra I can wear with. This shirt is my third love love. Perfect t shirt BRA. It's the only one that makes my boobs. Look right in my favorite shirt. You really love these bras don't you. I really do and I am not abroad. A person like I'm not abroad guy not a guy but you know what I'm saying like I really. 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