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NFL, Broncos, John Elway discussed on First and Last with Lundberg and Golic, Jr.

First and Last with Lundberg and Golic, Jr.
1 year ago

NFL, Niners And Alden Smith discussed on First and Last with Lundberg & Golic, Jr.

First and Last with Lundberg & Golic, Jr.
4 d ago
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The NFL trade deadline came and went yesterday. We had some fireworks. Lots to talk about college football rankings are out Maryland has a little bit of a PR problem. And we'll get it all that is the show continues. Here this morning. I want to start off with the NFL. Trade with five deals yesterday. I remember back in the day, man. The NFL trade deadline. There wasn't much to it. The NFL didn't do a lot of trades. And then they moved it up back a couple of weeks a couple of years ago. And now, we get more action. And it's it's kinda exciting. It is probably not great for the players, but it is very exciting. So the first trade about two hours for the trade deadline yesterday. The Broncos traded wide receiver generes Thomas to the Texans. And and this kind of make sense. Look. I mean, the Broncos they really don't know what direction they're going in. They've got an asset here and the Texans had a need will fuller tours ACL a week ago that made this more urgent for the Texans will fuller doesn't get hurt. I don't think this trade gets made. But they basically they trade them for a fourth round pick. And then they swap seventh round pigs. And now the various Thomas gets to hang out with the Adra Hopkins and get the Shawn Watson throwing footballs. John Elway the Broncos general manager. Talk to the press yesterday. And he gave the reasons for shipping off. We were not hell bent on on trade in value. Was there that we felt the value? Was there we felt that it can help us that way as far as the draft next year. And and that we thought that with the young guys.