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Jason, Houston, Iran discussed on VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash


I don't wanna talk about it the other day, though. What I do wanna talk is we were on our flight. Yeah, we were getting on a flight. We weren't getting on our flight to go to where. Houston, we're going to Houston. We got on a flight. We're getting on a fight, and I do this thing before we're gonna fly is I make Jason get into a costume before the flight? So the last time he got into Jesus outfit. So he was running around the airport dressed as Jesus as great as a lot of fun. And this time I got him so much fun this time it wasn't so much fun. He dressed up as as inmate, like a guy from a state penitentiary like he had handcuffs on, and he was completely barefoot, no socks and he was wearing and he was wearing handcuffs, and he was running around the airport through that, and we were really late for our flight. So we didn't have any time to film and get changed back entire outfits. So we had to board the flight as inmate and and right off the gate, right at the gate. Actually, they were already like, you're not boarding this flight, sir. Unless you put on shoes and everyone was getting really fucking free, they were, they were. They were nice. He said he said he was gonna put some. Shoes on. That's how he said it. And then he was like, what are you guys doing? And I said, oh, we're YouTubers. We're just doing this thing and he was fine with. Okay, he was fine. I was skipping a little hat. Yes. Okay. I was fine. The guy there was fine, and then I saw, but he did say, please get your shoes. You're not boarding shoes Iran and Iran in on the flight to get Jason shoes because his bag was already on the flight, and I come back and Jason is already stepping foot on the flight without his shoes. So he's already gone barefoot on the flight fly. First of all, I was running to give Jason the shoes, and there's a fight attendant in front of me and I go, excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me. And she goes, you will wait your Turn. turn. I am doing my job right. This is gonna argue with this. This is hilarious why she bad mood. So I had a little giggle to myself. I'm like, okay, yeah, await this posted the miserable. Considering the airline that I work for is known for being horrible people. No, I laughed. I laughed it off. It was fine. Gold. And then she let me pass finally, and then I noticed that Jason was already boarding the flight. And was that a big problem that didn't have shoes on? Yeah. Was that part of why this happened?.

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Jason, Houston, Iran discussed on VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

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